If you’re like me you have multiple browsers installed and it’s important to load up the right link into the right browser. I like to load blog articles, twitter and general web browsing in Chrome and AzureDevOps notifications etc. in my Edge instance as it integrates with Aure AD etc. better.

So how can you achieve this, for example, when you click on a link from an email?

Browser Launcher

Enter “Browser Launcher”!

So what is Browser Launcher? It is a small little tool that you have installed on your computer and you set it as your default browser in Windows. It’s as simple as that.

Once configured you can click a url and it will attempt to launch the clicked link in a browser. If there is only 1 browser open it will continue to use that however if you have more than 1 it will give you an option of which browser to open. This is incredibly helpful with my use case of keeping AzureDevOps notifications separate from general web browsing.

It can work with Chrome, Edge and Firefox and others. It can also work with IE if that’s your jam! You can also configure it to load specific domains in specific browsers but not tried myself. It will scan your computer on setup to check which browsers you have installed. You can also disable certain browsers so they don’t appear in the list of options to chose from. This is helpful to hide Internet Explorer from the options as well as if you are test driving Safari or something.


If you want to keep your links opening in separate browsers then this might be the Dev Tip for you! I find it very useful to get the right web page open in the right browser for me. It doesn’t add much extra effort and it speeds up my workflow during the day.

What browsers do you use daily? Do you use them for different reasons? What other dev tips do you have? Let me know on Twitter @WestDiscGolf.