I’ve been very humbled during lockdown with the feedback I have had from some of my readers.

Now I blog for a couple of reasons, one it’s a place for me to remember what I’ve learnt and two to share about what I have learnt with others. If this then helps people that’s amazing and really makes it worth while.

There’s aways been a question about whether casual bloggers should/could accept donations and I’ve never wanted to add something like “if you’ve found my blog post helpful then please donate/buy me x”. For me there has always been too much admin or too many hoops to jump through and it’s just not been worth my time and not what I do it for.

I came across a company called “Buy Me A Coffee” a while back and it seemed to address the admin/hoop jumping concerns so I signed up and added a link to the home page. As I said I didn’t want to add a link to every post so there weren’t any clicks. Now I’m not sad about that, if people want to send something to someone they will find a way, but I did wonder if it was just a gimic.

They then made it super easy to add a little widget to a page which allowed clicks. It wasn’t “in your face” so I thought I would add it and see what happened not really thinking any of it, then it struck …

It was just before lockdown began at the beginning of March and I received a Paypal notification. Initially I didn’t read it. I then opened it and read it and thought someone had sent me money by accident. I then re-read the message again and the source and was blown away.

First feedback

I am so proud that this happened and someone felt compelled enough to let me know. So humbled and flattered.

Full disclosure - with everything going on during March I did not accept the donation. After a month Paypay sent it back to the generous reader. I maybe down $4 but the feedback was invaluable. Thank you Steph!

Roll onto the first week of June and another notification came through from someone who also found the integration testing series helpful.

Second feedback

I was absolutely blown away by the feedback and the generosity of this donation. I was completely lost for words. Thanks Oliver!

Now as we know there is “something” going on in the world and I’ve not visited a coffee shop in 3 months. I have however been consuming, probably too much, coffee at home using various devices and gadgets. I usually use a metal insultated cafetiere, my filter drip or my Citiz nespresso machine (new lockdown purchase as old machine died). But the one device I’ve always wanted was a stove top. So for my first donations from my blog I have treated myself to something which can make me many coffees now and in the future.

3 cup stove top

(image courtesy of Amazon listings - https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B0000AN3QI)

Thank you for the generous donations, but most of all thank you for the feedback. I’m so glad my posts have been useful :-)

If anyone wants to reach out to me for anything (code, coffee etc.) then please contact me on Twitter @WestDiscGolf