This week has seen the hottest day of the year in the UK. A couple of times it has hit over 30c. Now that may or may not sound hot depending on where you reside in the world but for center UK it’s hot! And I’ve melted!

The past couple of years when it has been hot has been ok as we’ve been tucked away in a nice air conditioned office. Now with everyone working from home that’s not the case. Unless you are very fortunate to own an air conditioning unit!

Took my car out for a drive at the weekend and very quickly had to turn around as it did not sound good! It does mean I’ve been without a car this week which hasn’t been too bad due to the weather. Just waiting to hear from the garage what the damage is :-(

I’ve enjoyed walking my daughter to school; spending time in the morning sunshine with my baby. We’ve talked about school, “the germ”, what she wants to do over the summer holidays etc. The downside has been going to pick her up and having to cycle in the midday heat and then walking home. We’ve both almost melted a couple of times this week.

It’s important to keep safe and keep your work/life balance going as much as possible during these uncertain times.

People who are not social distancing are very frustating. We all want to go out. We all want to go to the pub. We all want to hug our loved ones. Unless we all do it then it will go on longer. It’s as simple as that.

Stay home, keep safe!