By now I’m sure everyone has heard about the Coronavirus aka Covid-19 and how it is impacting most, if not all, of the world.

There are a lot of companies addressing the situation in various different ways. Personally I don’t see a time when I won’t be remote working at some point so it is time to get ready.

Better to prepare for it and it not to happen than the other way around.

The ideal option is to keep being as productive as I would be in the office and that requires a proper desk setup. I’ve not had my study setup properly since last summer when my son and I swapped rooms so now is the time to set it up!

So what’s the plan for the weekend? Setup the study!

I will be documenting my journey as a remote worker, what I learn along the way and what I have done to adapt if/when it happens.

Any tips or tricks for remote working then please contact me on Twitter @WestDiscGolf