It’s official, I am a remote worker.

It happened. I’m not going to lie, it’s a strange feeling.

When you leave the office to go on holiday you know when you’ll be back. When you leave a job you know you won’t be back.

This was leaving, saying goodbye to my desk and not knowing when I’ll return. Saying fairwell to friends and colleagues not knowing when I’ll next see them in person. It was like the week before Christmas but without the joy and merry cheer.

To work from home productively, or as productive as you can, you need something which resembles your working environment. This involved a number of colleagues taking monitors and keyboards etc. home. Again this felt weird as I didn’t need to. My office desk is left as I normally do. Half expecting a thin layer of dust to be present on my return.

It feels strange but I am excited about the prospect. It’s not under ideal circumstances but unfortunately sometimes you don’t have a choice and just need to get on with things.

I’ve got my working environment setup. I can vpn into the office. I have email, Skype and RingCentral for communcation.

I’m ready for this!