The past week or two have flown by. I think one of my tweets from Friday sums this up quite well.

I don’t feel like I’ve found the time to be productive outside of work this week, yet seemed to have found time for scrolling on Twitter. This needs to stop.

I went social media free in March for various reasons and I felt pretty good at the end. In April the “oh I’ve got 30 seconds, let’s check Twitter” has creeped into my life again and not really sure how. I am going to cut it down in May. I want to achieve some more things in May. Not too much as I don’t want to be disappointed and demoralise myself. Here’s to trying thats for sure.

At the end of another week of “ups and downs” I have to remember that we’re still safe and the kids are still clean (most of the time) and fed/watered. So from that perspective we’re very much winning.

Hopefully I can get back to running again this week after a small injury has kept me off the treadmill most of this week. I find it much harder to get through without some sort of exercise so need to do this.

Stay home, keep safe. I know it’s hard. Try and keep positive.