This past week has been unusual and potentially more than the previous ones to be honest.

We’ve had Easter weekend and that usually means going to church and visiting our familes. Obviously that didn’t happen. That was kinda strange.

We were due to go away for the week down to the south coast and enjoy the beach and sunshine. Well we enjoyed the sunshine just not at the beach. We went to Costa De La Back Garden instead. To be honest the weather was on the whole pretty good for April so the kids enjoyed running around.

I always find it hard to unwind when I’m on holiday and this past 10 days has been harder than normal. I’ve needed to check my work email due to laptop issues. I’ve had to go and pick up a newly rebuilt machine from the office. I’ve had further issues with it which will continue to be looked at next week when I’m “back in the office” due to it not wanting to work with my external monitors. Why don’t computers “just work”?!

I also find my brain going a bit crazy. I go from a lot of thinking about various things to trying to “switch off” and it takes a while to do that normally. This impacts my sleeping and I generally feel a bit rubbish at the beginning of holidays. This has extended this time. I hope when I get back into a routine again and use my brain for work I will sleep better and generally feel better.

On the positives we’re still all safe and well :-)

I’ve clocked over a month since leaving the office and becoming a remote worker. Doesn’t time fly! In this time I have clocked up approx. 60km on the treadmill and a couple of outdoor exercise outing runs. This is more than I’ve done in a month in a very long time. At least my fitness is improving. Roll on being able to play disc golf soon!

I’ve missed the holiday coding. I usually try and do some coding while I’m on holiday. It is my hobby as well as my work so I like to learn new stuff and write code which isn’t always related to work. Due to laptop issues and spending time with the family this has not been possible. Hopefully I will find some time soon to do more.

I should stop putting pressure on myself to do stuff and learn stuff in this uncertain time. Resetting mental expectation is one of the hardest things I struggle with sometimes. Social media doesn’t help. I went social media free in March and felt a lot better. The regular checking of Twitter seems to have come back into my daily habits since April rolled over. Think it’s time to limit that again.

I’m missing going out. I’m missing playing disc golf. I’m missing my friends.

It won’t be forever.

Keep safe.