The end of week 3 and the days are starting to merge together. The lack of routine for the kids is confusing for them, and us!

The whole situation and the clocks moving forward to BST last weekend has completely thrown me.

Due to hurting my ankle last week I have been unable to run most of the week and only been able to go out for a couple of short walks. Seeing the same streets, houses and worst of all the same rooms in my house is starting to take a toll.

The hardest part of working remotely is the communication interruptions. Now don’t get me wrong communication is key. My company has embraced the video conferencing culture well, which is great, but there is still the “always on” mentality with message notifications interrupting your train of thought.

I’ve tried the pomodoro technique this week on and off and I must admit it has not been as easy to adapt to it as I thought. I either have to move to something else and don’t stop / restart the timer, or a meeting request comes in or a phone call, or I even just forget to start the thing!

The other part of remote working which I need to address is the ability to switch off. As there is no commute and no “down time” between leaving your desk and being with the family it is hard to switch off from work. Reading a number of articles recently this is one of the common struggles so I will be looking to see how to improve on this.

With only 4 days remaining before I set my “out of office” for my “holiday” I am going to spend some time while I’m “away” reflecting on how the first few weeks have gone and how I can improve.

Experiment; Iterate; Improve! This is the way I am going to get through this.

Keep safe!