I feel like that scene in Avatar where Jake is doing his video diary and says something like “The days are merging together”. I’ve just had a long weekend and I wasn’t sure what day it was for any of it. Going to my study and doing work is the only way I can keep track of what day it is at the moment.

I’m trying to find some more time outside of work to do some coding again and started to play with the Microsoft Feature Management library. The new version is different in some ways and the same in others to the v1 so it’s an interesting API to investigate. I hope to find some more time to investigate further soon.

The rest of the week had it’s usual ups and downs.

My hay fever has kicked in though which is a proper delight. It has cranked up the dial to 11 so the next few weeks will be “fun”!

I can’t believe it’s been 10 weeks. The time has flown by. It all still seems very surreal. The main part now is the “going back to school” discussions and planning. My wife is a teacher and has been back in for a day last week. My eldest will be going back to school in a couple of weeks and my youngest will be going back to pre-school the week beginning 1st June. It will do him good to get some interaction with other children his age. Don’t get me wrong both my kids have been getting on amazingly well considering but he needs some interaction which isn’t his big sister. He is very much looking forward to playing with my niece again as they’ve only been able to wave from a distance for the past few months and they’re usually as thick as theives!

I guess we’ll see how it goes!

Stay home, keep safe.